Town of Jackson, SC ... spreading the message

Post date: Aug 26, 2010 5:41:50 PM

Special thanks to Mayor Todd Etheredge and Vickie VanVactor for displaying a message on the Town's electronic billboard beginning August 31 and continuing through the month of September! So now in Jackson, we have a huge billboard, teal bows, posters and signs everywhere... and a message scrolling 24/7 on the Town's marquee. And yes, we have more ribbon and bows coming! Thanks to Dawn Johnson, Mary Grace Corbin, Mary at Necessary Arrangements in Aiken, and Lynn Sullivan for turning spools of ribbon into beautiful bows.

The Town of Jackson helps Gail's Anatomy celebrate women who are fighting ovarian cancer and those that have beat the disease... remember those that have lost the battle... and fight back by making everyone aware of this horrible disease!

Thank you Mayor Etheredge and Town Council members, and the citizens of Jackson. Together we are making a difference in the fight against ovarian cancer... and saving lives.

Gail's Anatomy also participated in the Town of Jackson's second annual Hook & Cook Festival on October 16th. Teal bracelets and symptom cards were given to visitors. Special thanks to Lynn Sullivan for having our tent set up in a great location ... and to Peggy, John, Lisa, Phyllis, Ruth, Christopher and Elizabeth for manning the booth all day :)