"RALLY FOR THE CURE" -- South Aiken High vs Midland Valley High

Post date: Oct 09, 2009 1:32:36 PM

"RALLY FOR THE CURE" October 16, 2009

The Midland Valley High School Volleyball Team sponsored a "Rally for the Cure" at the October 15th volleyball game against South Aiken High School. The varsity volleyball teams wore teal green t-shirts to represent the awareness of Ovarian Cancer. Also, the middle school volleyball teams (LBC & LMMS) had a game after the varsity game to promote the awareness as well. They also had a school competition, "Rally For the Cure", from each school. For every ten students/faculty in attendance from that school, a portion of the ribbon was colored teal. The goal was to color the entire ribbon to fight for the cure.

Source: Aiken County Public School website

The ovarian cancer awareness event hosted by MVHS was a tremendous success! Parents and coaches said they had NEVER seen so many people at a volleyball game. They were thrilled with the turnout - and with our awareness event. Plans are already being made to hold another awareness event next year.

Midland Valley donated a portion of the admission receipts ($162) to Gail's Anatomy. Thank you Midland Valley students, faculty and coaches for supporting ovarian cancer awareness. Your generosity is appreciated and will make a difference in our efforts to inform others about the signs and symptoms of this hossible disease.

Thanks, also, to Ashley, Sarah, Alicia and Jesse for being there to assist and to cheer for the teams :)