GFWC Georgia Junior Clubs Special Project "Listen to the Whisper"

Post date: Aug 05, 2016 3:11:37 PM

Receiving an invitation from Director Sandy Ahearn to be guest speaker at the Institute breakfast meeting on August 21 is indeed an honor. Director Ahearn's theme for the year is "Listen to the Whisper" and Debbie Mills, founder of Gail's Anatomy, will be speaking about ovarian cancer. Returning to the hometown of Gail's favorite football team and to speak about ovarian cancer to a group of ladies from acroos the state of Georgia will be an amazing opportunity to make an impact in awareness, early detection and ultimately saving lives. What a positive change that will be in the communities across Georgia.

Nationally, the General Federation of Women's Clubs group is nearly 100,000 members strong and is united in its dedication to volunteer community service. While diverse in age, interests, and experiences, all clubwomen are united by a desire to create positive change in their communities.