Pop Warner's Grovetown Grizzlies Turn Teal in September

Post date: Sep 10, 2012 11:16:34 PM

Grovetown, GA - Driving in to the Grovetown High School parking lot, I first noticed teal bows on the fence and balloons bouncing around in the breeze high about the stands. As I entered the stadium, there were teal stadium cups filled with ovarian cancer awareness information - and I met adults and teenagers and small children dressed in orange and black -- and teal. We all know how much cheerleaders love uniforms, but the Grizzlies cheerleaders were not wearing their new uniforms, they were wearing black shorts with white and teal shirts along with teal ribbon hair bows and socks. Wow. These cheerleaders were telling everyone that supporting ovarian cancer awareness is important - and while they tossed white and teal footballs to the crowds, one couldn't help but notice the coaches and players on the field wearing teal socks. Saturday, September 8, 2012 was a day filled with watching the Grovetown Grizzlies teams play some really exciting football... and it was the first time I've seen teal on a football field... and it all started with the Pop Warner's Grovetown Grizzlies.... and a dear friend of Gail's who vowed to make a difference in ovarian cancer awareness. And she did. Thank you, Vanessa Pennington, and your team of volunteers for making this event one we will always remember.