Jackson PeeWee Football Turns Teal

Post date: Oct 18, 2012 6:13:16 PM

Photo - left - game 1: Did someone say 'footballs'?? Not sure who had more fun - the cheerleaders throwing the balls or the fans catching them!

Photo- right - game 2: Lining up after half-time as the cheerleaders throw the last footballs to the crowd. Love the players wearing TEAL socks and the coaches wearing TEAL shirts :)

October 15, 2012: Mary Grace Corbin began with an idea months ago to toss footballs to the fans at a Jackson PeeWee football game. She talked with her dad, Tony Polson, about donating the cost - and of course, he said yes. From there, her idea grew and before long the Town of Jackson and officials of Jackson PeeWee football had plans for the coaches to wear our teal shirts - and also to provide teal socks to the football players for the games played during the week of October 9, 2012. Mary Grace was also the lead on an awareness display during the games - handing out bookmarks and other ovarian cancer awareness information. Several teal t-shirts were also sold to the fans :)

They also announced a dinner in December sponsored by the Town of Jackson and Jackson PeeWee Football with all proceeds to be donated to Gail's Anatomy's for our year round ovarian cancer awareness campaign. The dinner was later cancelled. If you purchased a ticket and have not received reimbursement, please contact Mayor Etheredge at Jackson Town Hall at 803-471-2221.

Special thanks to Mary Grace Corbin, Tony Polson, Shelley Bowman, Travis and Shannon Spires, the coaches and players for bringing awareness to Jackson PeeWee football!