National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Post date: Jun 22, 2009 1:30:26 PM

If you've been to an event sponsored by Gail's Anatomy, you've certainly noticed the brochures, bookmarks, symptoms cards, teal lapel pins and ribbon shaped emory boards we hand out. We've distributed thousands of NOCC items in just over two and one-half years sharing the message of the NOCC and Gail's Anatomy! But did you know that the NOCC provides these items to us at no charge? NOCC updates their material periodically which enables us to distribute the most current information at our events - and to spend our funds on other awareness items such as teal awareness bracelets, a billboard during September, and teal event specific handouts!

Thank you, Lois Davidson and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition for helping Gail's Anatomy make a difference in ovarian cancer awareness. Together, we are saving lives.

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