September 2012 Billboards - Jackson, SC and Martinez/Evans, GA

Post date: Sep 10, 2012 10:50:34 PM

Billboard on Atomic Road in Jackson, South Carolina

This is the sixth year a billboard has been displayed in Jackson during the month of September. Designed in memory and celebration of Gail Mills, the billboard's location on Atomic Road is viewable by the Savannah River Site traffic as well as traffic passing through town on the way to the coast.

This year, Lamar Outdoor Advertising in Augusta, Georgia, generously donated space to Gail's Anatomy on two beautiful digital billboards in the Martinez/Evans area. (See map below for locations.) Many thanks to Lamar, Jim Barker, and Randi Bowker for joining with us to make a difference in ovarian cancer awareness. Our message will reach thousands more each day as a result of the location of the additional billboards at the high traffic intersections. Early detection saves lives... and awareness of the disease is the first step.

For your outdoor advertising needs, please call Jim Barker (706.733.1500) at Lamar Advertising, 3430 Sharon Road, Augusta, GA 30909.