Relay For Life - May 18, 2012

Post date: Aug 26, 2012 1:13:5 AM

Target in Aiken teams with Gail's Anatomy each year at the Relay For Life.

We are one group - dedicated to ovarian cancer awareness.

Lights, Camera, Action - Cure!

Participating in our sixth Relay For Life, Gail's Anatomy was honored to be asked to carry the torch during this year's Opening Ceremony. Co-captains Alicia Owens and Debbie Mills, and Gail's Anatomy team members lead the silent walk around the track during the Opening Ceremony. This year's Relay was held at South Aiken High School and the crowd of thousands made our focus on ovarian cancer awareness successful as we shared our message with many new attendees. Gail's Anatomy sponsors or participates in events year-round, but it is the Relay For Life where it all started. Friends, family, and co-workers gathered at that first Relay in 2007 celebrating and remembering Gail. We knew that if Gail could be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it could happen to anyone. We learned from Gail that ovarian cancer can strike any one at any time - even when annual doctor's appoinments are kept and there is no family history of breast or ovarian cancer. We have since met so many people who have unfortunately had similiar experiences - and these new friends stop by at the Relay knowing that we share a common goal - and that is to educate others about this horrible disease. Since there is currently no absolute screening for ovarian cancer, awareness and early detection saves lives. Gail's Anatomy is proud to participate in the Relay For Life and look forward to the day when the money we raise for the American Cancer Society helps find a cure for cancer.

Target volunteers add so much to the Relay - we love having you on our team.