TEAL Athletic Socks from www.CustomizeEliteSocks.com

Post date: Aug 22, 2013 9:1:35 PM

Now athletic teams can TURN IT TEAL on the fields and courts with Custom Elite Socks!! Gotta give Vanessa Pennington the credit for the design and color of these socks! CustomEliteSocks offered these socks in pink, so Vanessa called about the possibility of getting these in teal for ovarian cancer! The company worked with Vanessa and mailed her a sample -- tweaked the color and THIS is the final product! Beautiful! Go to the website and search 'ovarian cancer' and you'll find info on ovarian cancer AND two styles of cool sports socks!! Love this! Thank you Vanessa and also Customized Elite Socks!

At check-out, make sure to use this 5% off coupon code: ovarian5off